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“Unveiling True Worship”

We hope that this site is beneficial to you and to your church.  Our desire is to be a blessing and to help out your music department with the newest songs and as always with the good old songs that we hold dear!  Our product “Unveiling True Worship” has proven to be a help in many churches and we hope it does the same for yours!  All the information you need concerning the “Unveiling True Worship” product is available in the links on the sides.  Once again we hope this is a blessing to you and your church.  Thanks for stopping by!

...music binder

          and PDF program.

Over 600 Chord Charts


at your finger tips!






Get your music department up to date with iMusic! Have an iPad but still carrying around a music binder? Your troubles are over with iMusic! iMusic enables you to have over 650 chord charts at your finger tips. iMusic is a compilation of praise and worship chord charts that were designed to be used in the iPad app called “OnSong”.

Benefits of OnSong with iMusic:

  1. 1.Over 650 Songs (Praise & Worship, Hymnals, ect.) on your iPad at all times!

  1. 2.Chord chart in the wrong key? Easy key changes with a slide of your finger!

  1. 3.Organize your songs the way you want! Create multiple books with the program. Example: hymnals, altar songs, christmas, ect...

  1. 4.Search for songs by key word, artist, or key.

  1. 5.Create a song set for each service. Play straight from your iPad! Finished singing the first song? Slide your finger across the screen and your ready for the next song!

  1. 6.Share your song set! Email to a friend, print it out for other musicians, or if  they have OnSong sync your list all with just a tap of a button!

  1. 7.Forget how to play a chord? Hold your finger over the chord and choose which instrument (piano, 4-string, 5-string, banjo, ect) and OnSong will display your chord.

  1. 8.Add your OWN songs! Easily type your own music into the program.

  1. 9.Easily edit ANY song! You play a different chord? Just go to the edit screen and adjust the song to fit YOU!


* the use of iMusic requires the purchase of the iPad app called OnSong by andculture. We are not affiliated with OnSong or their developers.